Creating the conditions for a medical consultation in real time means having technological solutions and operating models perfect in every detail. For example, the highest audio-video quality may be irrelevant in business activaties, but it is of the greatest importance in a specialist Teleconsultation session, which can thus be carried out with only the presence of a professional nurse or of a hospital auxiliary, even in complex cases. In fact a perfect audio-video synchronization connects specialists and patient in real time and allows a successful teleconsultation. One could find it strange to have a consultation via monitor, but the immediate interaction between specialist and patient will soon cancel any residual doubts and uneasiness. With Telemedicine emergency physicians in decentralized hospitals have the opportunity to transfer immediately all the elements of the clinical evolution of a patient to their collegues at the Hub hospital. This is important for patients and for doctors as well. In fact this avoids professional isolation, which would be inevitable if only few cases of each pathology were treated.

Particular care of the evolution of technologies and great competence in the field of Telemedicine allow our team to integrate the best solutions.

The solutions we have developed permit the physicians present in the Hub hospital to evaluate the clinical picture of the patient. In particular we have studied the condition of Emergency Teleconsultation, which requires the implementation of very high level systems and technologies, endowed with the utmost reliability.

Our Teleconsultation systems concern the following applications:

Handling of infarction in emergency
Chronic pathologies (Cardiac insufficiency, Coagulation factors, etc)
ECG management
Cardiological Imaging

Handling of stroke in emergency